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“Speech to humanity” by Charlie Chaplin

Congratulations Bettina, let the sparkle of justice, democracy and culture shine in you forever
your teacher Laura Mutti

Comment about the “Speech to humanity” from “The great dictator”, by Charlie Chaplin

This morning, after reading this writing by Bettina, terza media,commenting charlie Chaplin’s speech in “The great dictator”,I felt so proud and grateful for being her teacher…..not only for her skills in English, but for the deepness of her opinions, so often shared with classmates during classes ,and for  her resolution to make people hear her voice.
Congratulations Bettina, let the sparkle of justice, democracy and culture shine in you forever
your teacher Laura Mutti 

 The first time I listened to this speech, was when I watched “The Great Dictator” about four months ago. While I was watching the film , I thought many times that Chaplin was amazingly brilliant. In the movie, in fact, there were a lot of scenes that explained , in a really funny way, the horrors of the war and of the Nazi and Fascist Parties. The moment I realized how genius Chaplin really was, though, was when I listened to the famous speech. The most amazing thing of it is , I think, how modern it is. I mean, we are in 2020 and still now many people would struggle to deliver such a speech. It’s hard to imagine how, in 1940, a man could even think those things. Chaplin didn’t only think, but also said them. I think that an act like this one requires a really open mind but, most of all, a lot of courage. Anyway, I agree with everything Chaplin says in the speech. First, he affirms that he would like to help everyone without distinction for “race” or religion or any other type of difference. He says that this is part of human being: to live by each other happiness and not by each other misery. I totally agree with him and I believe that, in the deepest part of our soul , we all want to see other people happy. Maybe in some people this urge to see happiness is in a deep, unreachable part of the soul. I think, though, that it exits also in these people.

He then affirms that we all lost our way, that our souls were all poisoned by greed and then he refers to consumerism. All the ultra-modern machines that gives us abundance has left us in want. Getting used to have everything we want, has made that we now want everything. We always think about what we don’t have, never feeling happy for what we have, instead. We concentrate about how to be the best ones, and never about our feelings. About the love we feel for someone and about how, sometimes, making happy the ones that we we love is more rewarding then being the best.

If we don’t restart being kind and gentle with other, we’ll be lost for ever.

Then, he finally starts speaking about nazism. How this “system” tortures and imprisons innocent people. I  can’t read Charlie Chaplin’s mind of course,but I think that he didn’t mean just people who were imprisoned in lagers: I think he wanted to mean every person who sustained the Nazi Party without even knowing what it was. Every person who didn’t have the possibility to study anything out of “Mein Kampf”, who didn’t have the possibility to know what the alternative was, who didn’t have the possibility to choose. I think they were prisoners too. That’s what dictators do: they keep you ignorant so that you can’t even try to contest what they say. This is why we must study, develop a critical sense. If we do all this things, if we continue fighting for our freedom, soon or later dictators will die, and people’s power will get back to people. 

Then, an appeal to soldiers. He asks them not to obey to the dictators, not to give their own lives for something they don’t believe in, to act, to feel as what they are: men, not machines! To fight for liberty, which is never free, and not for slavery, which rather is so much easier to conquer.

And finally, the most moving appeal I’ve ever listened to: We are the ones that have to crate happiness, the ones who must create it. That’s what we must do, but everyone together, united as a single entity. We have to fight for the liberty our ancestors have died for. We must reconquer it, struggling, getting hurt, using every mean we can use.That’s what we must do, and we must do it together, united as a single entity. That’s because liberty is what we all need, blacks and whites, jews and catholics, men and women. We need it more than everything, more than the oil or the territories we use to fight for. 

So we should just try to put aside all this minor matters, and fight together for  things we all need. And I want to repeat, TOGETHER, because without unity we’ll never do anything concrete.